Welcome to QBS

I have been in the building trade/ construction industry for just over 30 years. This has included a wide range of projects from the very small ones, to building my own home and to overseeing a bricklaying team on many large projects in and around London and Essex.

I have obtained City and Guilds qualifications and NVQ’s for my profession.

During the last 9 years my main focus has been in helping people with projects on their homes. Again this ranges from the very small, but extremly important jobs to large extensions, driveways, alterations and a wide variety of jobs.

I am able to call on all trades to help with all types of work that is needed to be carried out. Many of these I have known for many many years and they are all highly qualified and experienced in their own area.

Something that is very important to me is the service myself and the team I can call on provide. I recognise that whatever the job, whatever the size it is of utmost importance to you, because of what you want to achieve.

I do enjoy the different too. The back round picture on the home page is from a project that I was part of and oversaw. I was tasked in creating a new wall, an old folly, but it had to look hundreds of years old. This is something, from the comments after the unveiling that it seems we achieved.

So no matter what size of project small to the very large, to what might seem normal or to something that could be very unusual I would love to try and help you achieve your goal that you have.

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