Finding the right builder…..

You may wonder why a builder would write about this, perhaps feeling that he could be biased to his thoughts. Well this is true but before you make judgement I hope you read all of what I wrote.

I feel I have an understanding of how you would feel because i can feel the same with my own home. Yes I do do just about all my own work because I just don’t trust people to do it. But where I do use other trades I pick only the best and most trusted I know.

I think you have to be comfortable to leave the builder/ workers there when you are not. And that is something that will build. Yes if you are a good judge of character then this can happen quickly. But sometimes it just doesn’t work.

I had one client that the relationship between them and the builder just didn’t work. I was instructed to undertake the second phase of what they wanted to achieve on their home. Now I don’t like to talk about other builders work, why? Well we can all make mistakes or do work that isn’t up to standard. But in general his work was ok, some not though. But this wasn’t really the issue as the substandard work didn’t come to light until there saw the quality of the work the my team and myself was producing. The main issue was how he seemed to treat there home and it wasn’t as a home. Also his commitment to the project on their home.

I like to think that i treat your home and the project on your home just as if it was on my home. I value the relationship with the client that it is relaxed and professional. This is important on both sides.

So yes instructing a builder is and can be a leap of faith. But i hope from these few words I have written that you can see that I do value being able to help you create something for you home and am a builder that can be trusted.

So yes you may not choose me to undertake the work on your home, yes this may be because of location. But feel free to ask any questions that you may feel would help you in deciding. Hopefully I would be able to help.

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