New Driveway

Just like any project on your home. A new driveway can be a big upheaval. Also knowing what to use, whether its concrete, blocks or stone. There is so many options.

I think firstly you need to look at a product for your drive that will compliment your home and be fitting for what you are going to use it for. Will there be heavy usage or lots of tight turning. So many areas can be a factor of what will be the best option.

The driveway highlighted here has a finished product of stone. Yes it suits the home extremely well but it is what is underneath which determines the durability and suitability of this driveway.

First some before pictures.

As you can see that the original drive was a standard block paving. Now we all have our own opinion of what is good and not. And mine for this was that the drive did not suit the home. It looked too much like a carpark. It was very functional but just didn’t have any wow factor that I think the home deserved.

Now some pictures of the work that was needed to install a new drive that I feel is much more fitting for this property.

First phase of removing the old driveway. Taking up all the blocks and sharp sand.

The client wanted a new stone drive. Now there are ways of constructing a driveway like this. The modern way is to use a plastic grid system as the base of the drive. In the following pictures you will see some of what is needed to achieve this.

As i was renewing an existing driveway there was already a good sub-base. This was re shaped to fit the new shape and edging that was installed. Once this was done crushed granite was laid to a level. This was the compacted before the next stage. The a finer crushed granite was laid before the grid system was installed.

The reason for the granite is to give the area a very stable sub base but allowing for very good drainage over the whole driveway.

Leveled and prepared for the plastic grid.

The grid system is laid just below the outer edging to keep the stones contained.

You may notice an area that has been left clear. This is for a feature that will contain lighting.

This is a feature stone circle that will be installed. Holes that will be cut into it so lighting can be fitted. All the electrics have been installed and positioned very accurately so the lights can be spaced in the correct position.

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